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The student conference accepts papers from students at the undergraduate, Master’s, and PhD level. One student from each submission category will be presented with an award during the conference, recognizing both the technical aspects of the work as well as their ability to present the topic in a clear, concise, and compelling manner.

Accommodations during the conference and a travel bursary will be available to all students with a paper that has been accepted to the 2024 CNS/CNA Student Conference.

Submission Guidelines:

• Papers must present original material or a review of a significant area, and not published previously.

• Full papers will be reviewed by industry experts prior to the conference and should be a maximum of 5 pages.

• By submitting a paper, you agree to the following:

     - Your paper must be presented orally at the Conference in one of the Technical Sessions.
     - The paper and related material can be published in the Conference Proceedings.
     - The Proceedings or individual papers may be offered for sale to the public by the CNS.
     - Individual papers may be reprinted in other CNS publications.
Full paper submission for review February 20, 2024
Final paper submission for the Conference Proceedings May 5, 2024
Poster submission for presentation June 2, 2024

Important Dates

Students are responsible for the printing and transportation of posters to the conference. 

Abstracts and Full Paper Templates

Templates for abstracts and full papers must be used and are available at the links below.

Abstract and Full Paper Submissions

Please utilize the following link to the submission portal or your completed abstract or full technical paper.

General Enquiries

Paul Spekkens and Guy Hotte, Technical Program Co-Chairs




(416) 458-3661

Technical Topics

Designs and concepts; Licensing, and deployment challenges; On-grid and off-grid applications in mining and remote locations.

New build programs; International collaborations; Regulatory policy and risk assessment; Life extension and license renewal; New‐site licensing;

Outreach; Engagement and Public acceptance; Education; Communications; Policy development; International and regional cooperation; Sustainability

Maintenance; Outage management; Fuel and equipment performance; Equipment reliability; On-line condition monitoring; Obsolescence;  Supply chain.

Accident management and analysis; Plant security; Severe accidents; Safety culture; Stress-testing; Probabilistic safety/risk assessment; Non‐proliferation.

Environmental remediation; Radiological product stream management and reduction; Repository development; Used fuel storage

Advanced reactor concepts; Fusion; Hydrogen production; Materials science; Efficiency enhancements; Space, mining and other novel applications.

Uranium and thorium mining, milling, refining, enrichment, and fuel manufacturing; Fault-tolerant fuel designs; Open and closed fuel cycles; Proliferation-resistant fuels.

Medical and biological systems; Isotope production and use; New isotopes; Accelerators and target development; Agricultural applications.

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